The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    The Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai Fighting


    The Lei Tai (擂臺) has a proud tradition dating back to the dawn of Chinese history. In ancient times, the Lei Tai was the platform on which the very best martial artists fought duels – sometimes to the death. The Lei Tai served as means for exchanges of martial skills, to settle disputes or to prove one martial system’s superiority over another system. Lei Tai was a platform built by the one who initiated the challenges. Fighters would lose if they surrendered, were incapacitated, were thrown or otherwise forced from the stage. The winner would remain on the stage as the Master unless ousted by a stronger opponent. To accept such challenges was called Da Lei.

    Today, the PRO LEI TAI™ maintains the tradition of two fighters on a raised platform with rules that allow the use of: Ti (踢) Kicking; Da (打) Striking; Shuai (摔) Grappling and Throwing; Na (拿) Seizing and Controlling. In 2015, PRO LEI TAI introduced the first world Official Amateur and Professional LEI TAI Rules.

    Over the years, from the first tournaments organized by the Nationalist government in 1928 to the most recents tournaments organized by the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation (ICKF), the Lei Tai has maintained an amateur status.

    Today, Francombat, LLC., in association with PRO LEI TAI™ will take the Lei Tai onto the professional stage. And, in a return, to the ancient tradition, only the very best martial artists will have the privilege of fighting on the professional Lei Tai.

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