The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    The Global Body for Lei Tai Fighting


    The PRO LEI TAI Rules and Regulations is an effort to make a standardized set of rules with a high safety level that are fit for international competition. The rules regulate the technical side of Lei Tai whereas the PRO LEI TAI World Tournament and Championship Protocol contains specifications for the competitions such as operations, selection criteria for judges, detailed tournament structure, weigh-in protocol, specifications for permitted equipment etc. This separation is put in place to ensure a clean-cut and universal set of rules that can easily be easily adopted by different organizations in different countries as well as easily combined with different sets of protocols.

    The PRO LEI TAI Rules and Regulations are the result of a best practice review made by the PRO LEI TAI Technical Committee on a number of different existing rule sets, with the PRO LEI TAI member federations participating in a referral process. National differences have been compared and analyzed with the purpose of finding the optimal rule set that will work on a global basis. In the future the PRO LEI TAI will also provide rules and recommendations for Lei Tai competition at junior, beginner and intermediate levels as well as safe progression between levels. Each national federation affiliated with the PRO LEI TAI must adopt the PRO LEI TAI rule set for national competitions when competing in the World Tournaments all contestants will be competing under PRO LEI TAI rules.

    Download PRO LEI TAI Rules and Regulations here
    PRO LEI TAI Rules as of January 2022