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  • Membership

    For an organization to formally represent their country as a member in the PRO LEI TAI there needs to be a national federation in place that meets the following requirements:

    • It needs to be formally registered as a non-profit organization under a name that contains the country name and LEI TAI

    • It needs to have statutes, which state that the organization is democratic

    • It needs to group together the majority of the LEI TAI organizations and clubs throughout the country

    • It needs to show the ability to initiate regular national competitions in the near future

    In some countries there already exists such a federation, in others several organizations, in many there are devoted individuals ready to put one in place. Hence we initiate talks with all relevant parties in a country, whether one or several, to learn about the country and investigate the best way to move forward.

    If in any country there is more than one such federation, the PRO LEI TAI will accept among its members the one officially recognized by the National Olympic Committee or the governmental sport authority of the country in question. If more than one federation meets all the requirements but none have that kind of recognition it comes down to size – which federation that groups together the majority of the Lei Tai organizations and clubs throughout the country.

    If in any country there is no national federation in place to meet the demands of Full membership an individual can be appointed Individual Member of the PRO LEI TAI. This individual will thereby temporarily represent the country, with the assignment to establish a non-profit, democratic national federation.

    We are working diligently to ensure that the membership process is fair and professional, gathering all the relevant information in order to create the best possible outcome in each country. 

    For more information on membership click here for the PRO LEI TAI statutes.

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