The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    The Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai Fighting


    Certification for Judges: ($1000.00 for a 2-Day Course)

    There are three sections of testing for certification; you must pass all three sections individually with a 90% or better in order to be certified.

      1. The first section is a technique test where you will watch a DVD with all of the techniques listed on this site.

      1. The second test is a written test, which covers everything you learned in the Power Point Presentation along with the Unified Rules.

      1. The final test is where you watch a five (5) round fight and score each round giving a critique on how you scored each round.

    PRO LEI TAI™ has a stringent passing standard due to the nature of work being performed. In addition to your responsibility to uphold the professionalism of Athletic Commission’s, your competencies not only affect a promoter’s reputation but most importantly, a fighter’s lively-hood.

    All participants who pass the course will be required to read and sign a “Code of Ethics” policy. Achieving a passing score through the course will allow your name to be put on a certification list that is available to all athletic commissions. It needs to be clearly understood that passing the course does not entitle you to a license from any state athletic commission or any guarantee of work as a Lei Tai referee or judge.

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