The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    The Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai Fighting


    We are the global body for Amateur and Professional Lei Tai fighting, the world’s Kung Fu Battleground with an estimated 100 million followers worldwide.

    PRO LEI TAI® is the international governing body for amateur and professional Lei Tai fighting. Registered as a non-profit organisation under Canadian law, PRO LEI TAI® serves as a democratic hub for national LEI TAI federations and supports the growth of regulation and sport safety globally by aiding countries in the formation of federations where none exist. PRO LEI TAI® launched with support of market leader, Francombat.

    PRO LEI TAI® is focused on developing LEI TAI as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite, driving the development of common sets of rules, safety regulations, structure, progression pathways and mutual exchange. Currently, the PRO LEI TAI has 12 members, across 5 continental federations worldwide. The PRO LEI TAI is en route to be recognized as a member by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and is also a member of both ARISF and Sport Accord.

    Founded in 2013 by two-time Lei Tai Gold Medalist and businessman Franco Richard, the organization was formed when masters of various martial arts styles met to discuss how LEI TAI was handled in their jurisdictions. Annual conventions are held and training/certification courses organized for contest judges and referees.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is for LEI TAI to be recognized as a legitimate and sanctioned sport, from amateur to professional levels that will be directed into the mainstream sports scene.”

    Our Mission

    PRO LEI TAI’s mission is to promote, preserve and standardize Lei Tai fighting through a unified set of rules and rankings*, international competition and national federations.


    Inclusiveness, Leadership, Respect, Tolerance, Excellence, and Integrity.