The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    The Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai Fighting

    PRO LEI TAI awards licenses for refereeing and judging internationally in Lei Tai competition. The licenses are awarded on completion of an PRO LEI TAI International Referee & Judges Certification course and on the basis of individuals referee and judging competency and experience.

    In order to be eligible to participate in an PRO LEI TAI International event as an official all entrants must have completed and successfully passed the Referee & Judge course.

    The PRO LEI TAI International Referees and Judges Certification Course

    The two day PRO LEI TAI International Referees and Judges Certification Course caters for experienced officials, and includes both theoretical and practical teaching and assessments. The qualification attained is a prerequisite to officiating at PRO LEI TAI tournaments and championship events.

    Please contact your national federation for information about upcoming dates and to apply. Please contact your national federation for details of upcoming national level officials courses in your region.

    Where national federations do not offer their own course or licensing system, PRO LEI TAI provides national level courses and assessments all over the world. Member federations may contact us at for information.

    Entry Requirements:

      1. National Level Federation course or approval from Federation

      2. Officer/ license (in any country or state) or PRO LEI TAI officials certificate

      3. 2 years officiating experience

      4. Recommendation letter from national federation

    Syllabus – Day 1: 
    The course covers:

      • The Official Pro Lei Tai Rules and Regulations

      • Fouls – explanations and break down

      • Responsibilities

      • Code of Conduct and ethics – in fight scenarios and how they are dealt with

      • Mock sparring demonstration (all participants shall referee one round of action)

    Syllabus – Day 2: 

      • 10 point must, scoring criteria and its application.

      • Decisions and ways to win

      • Mock judging of a 5 round fight that all participants shall score

      • Written examination paper (60 minutes)

      • Q & A session

    For more information on upcoming courses and interest in hosting an PRO LEI TAI certified Referee & Judge Certification course hosted and presented by General Referee Chi Wai Lee, please send your enquiry to