The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    The Global Body for Lei Tai Fighting



    PRO LEI TAI is always seeking hosting rights partnerships for future PRO LEI TAI Tournaments, and welcomes bids from member nations, sports and government authorities and commercial entities.

    To learn more about the bid process download the PRO LEI TAI Tournaments Bid Guidelines here

    For enquiries or further information contact us.



      • Host a flagship PRO LEI TAI amateur LEI TAI championship tournament in your region 

      • Showcase your country / organisation as an international sports hub on a global platform 

      • Promote your country / organisation to a global audience as an epicentre for the development of LEI TAI 

      • Attract Amateur LEI TAI competitors and participants from more than 120 countries worldwide

      • Get broadcast on international television 

      • Promote your country/ organisation’s alignment with the globe’s only LEI TAI governing body to be organised in accordance with Olympic values 

      • Create a legacy with PRO LEI TAI for LEI TAI in your community and country 

      • Upskill your LEI TAI community and industry with PRO LEI TAI training courses and licensing (included)

      • Gain marketing and PR support for your association 

      • Gain value and support from PRO LEI TAI for your funding bids

      • Strengthen your organisation’s relationship with local authorities and commercial partners



      • Global Audience 

      • Economic Impact 

      • Tourism Opportunity 

      • Media and Marketing 

      • Community Engagement 

      • Sponsorship Revenue 

      • Increased Sport Participation 

      • Broadcast 

      • Commercial opportunities 

      • Education and legacy