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  • Governance

    General Meeting

    The supreme governing body of the PRO LEI TAI is the General Meeting in which each Member Federation has one vote. The General Meeting is chaired by the President. Member Federations may designate a maximum of two Delegates, preferably the President and the Secretary General/Chief Executive Officer. General Meetings can be held whenever deemed necessary but one must be held each year as the “Annual General Meeting” (AGM).


    Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee (ExCo) consists of the President, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Treasurer, the Vice President and three Members. It conducts its business under the direction of the President, who has full authority to manage the day-to-day affairs of PRO LEI TAI. All members of the ExCo, with the exception of the CEO, are elected by the AGM to a four-year term following each edition of The World Lei Tai Tournaments. The CEO is appointed by the ExCo. Terms and conditions of employment, as well as the job specification, are established by the ExCo. The CEO reports to the ExCo, of which he/she is a non-voting member.

    When the General Meeting is not in session, the Executive Committee holds all powers that are not explicitly reserved to the General Meeting, and it is fully empowered to make decisions accordingly.The ExCo has, among others, the following tasks, responsibilities and powers:

    • To conduct the business of the PRO LEI TAI in the period between General Meetings.

    • To prepare for the organization of the next World Lei Tai Tournaments and start the preparatory work for the Tournaments after that, and to arrange negotiations for contracts with the Host Cities and the participating International Sports Federations

    • To establish and maintain partnership relations with sponsors and/or public institutions in the field of the media and sports communication


    Anti-Doping Panel

    The Anti-Doping Panel is the independent jurisdictional organ of the PRO LEI TAI for Anti-Doping matters. It considers and decides on anti-doping rule violations referred to it by the PRO LEI TAI Medical Committee according to the provisions of the PRO LEI TAI Anti-Doping Rules. Members of the Anti-Doping Panel cannot at the same time be members of the PRO LEI TAI Executive Committee or any other PRO LEI TAI Committee. Members of the Anti-Doping Panel exercise their duties independently according to the doctrines of the trias politica (separation of powers between legislature, executive and judiciary) and are not bound by any instructions of other PRO LEI TAI organs regarding these duties.


    Medical Committee

    The PRO LEI TAI has committed itself to enacting doping controls at The World Lei Tai Tournaments according to the policies and standards of the World Anti-Doping Agency. The PRO LEI TAI Medical Commission is responsible for fixing all practical modalities for the doping control tests and procedures prior to and during The World Lei Tai Tournaments.

    Other Committees

    For support in executing the assigned duties, the ExCo could propose the establishment of additional standing committees. The ExCo also has the right to set up and disband ad hoc committees where deemed essential.

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