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  • Word from the Pro Lei Tai Founder

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    Dear combat fans,

    Welcome to the world of Pro Lei Tai!

    As most of you already know, combat sports are a passion for me and I’ve been involved in the fight business for over twenty years. From coaching and managing some of the combat sports’s all-time greats to promoting some of its most exciting bouts, it’s with great pride that under the Francombat banner I’ve built one of the strongest and most prestigious franchises in the history of the combat sports. It is also with great pride that I have participated in the development and rise of the careers of athletes such as Wu Shan Lee, James Bart, Samy Wong, and many others.

    Since its inception in 2000, our mission is to make the most feared fighters in the world and turn them into champions. It’s an objective we continue to this day, as Francombat further expands its brand while introducing the sport of PRO LEI TAI® to a new generation of fans. Now, I’m focused on building the most exciting major league sports organization. I’ve never half-assed anything I cared about. Everything I do, I do on the highest level and PRO LEI TAI® is going to top everything I’ve done before. I’ll spare no expense, cut no corners, and do whatever needs to be done in order to build Lei Tai into a world-renowned sports brand.

    To accomplish this, I have assembled a passionate group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and technical wizards, pushing the boundaries of high tech events to a new level. The timing has never been better than now and with our recent partnership with UFC®’s digital streaming service UFC FIGHT PASS® it’s now a great time to be a combat fan.I look forward to make the sport of Lei Tai fighting one of the most appreciated combat sport league on the planet. Our sport is still in its infant stages, but with the continued support from fans, corporate sponsors and television networks, there will be no limits to the success we will achieve.

    But our contribution to Québec’s most valuable resources—its unique creative talents would be incomplete without our active engagement with the community. Following our motto unfightable, we believe it is our duty to support those who are working day by day to make a difference in our society, especially in the sports realm. For us our athletes come first. We will do all within our power to provide them with the environment that will make a difference and help them excel. This is our legacy, this is what we stand for. This will never change.

    I thank all our talented athletes, coaches, directors, advertisers, partners, employees and loyal fans. They all play a part in our success, each in their own way.

    Franco Richard
    Founder of Pro Lei Tai

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