The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    The Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai Fighting


    Certification for Referees: ($600.00 for a 3-Day Course)

    This course is extremely difficult and NOT recommend for those not familiar with Lei Tai fighting. In addition, participants should be in good physical condition.

    As a prerequisite to the class, please familiarize yourself with all of the techniques listed as you will be required to identify and name the takedown, submissions and positions that are being demonstrated during testing.

    There are four sections of testing for certification; you must pass all four sections individually with a 90% or better in order to be certified.

      1. The first section is a technique test where you will watch a DVD with all of the moves listed above.

      2. The second test is a written test, which covers everything you learned in the Power Point presentation along with the PRO LEI TAI Rules and Regulations.

      3. The third test is a practical application test where you will referee a mock fight (with professional fighters) and be critiqued on your cage/ring control, knowledge and implementation of the rules, application of fundamental skills (such as movement and positioning) along with many other requirements.

      4. The fourth and final test is a Situational Test and is administered at the same time as the practical application test. You will be required to verbally explain a series of questions in a mock locker room situation (example: a fighter asking you to explain to them a certain rule or foul) and/or verbally explain and demonstrate how a certain technique is applied and properly executed by a fighter and then how a Referee should properly break the technique.

    PRO LEI TAI™ has a stringent passing standard due to the nature of work being performed. In addition to your responsibility to uphold the professionalism of Athletic Commission’s, your competencies not only affect a promoter’s reputation but most importantly, a fighter’s livelihood and possibly even their life.

    All participants who pass the course will be required to read and sign a “Code of Ethics” policy. Achieving a passing score through the course will allow your name to be put on a certification list that is available to all athletic commissions. It needs to be clearly understood that passing the course does not entitle you to a license from any state athletic commission or any guarantee of work as a Lei Tai referee or judge.

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