The World Global Body for the Sport of Lei Tai
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    Program Objective

    PRO LEI TAI has the most comprehensive anti-doping policy in professional sports. The policy is administered by an independent partner, the World Anti-Doping Agency – the most reputable drug-testing and anti-doping agency in the world.

    All PRO LEI TAI athletes are enrolled. It is a very transparent and accessible policy, with all information available at WADA determines who is tested, as well as when and where. The sanctions for a positive test are directed by the PRO LEI TAI policy.

    The highlights of the policy will include year-round, unannounced drug testing of all PRO LEI TAI athletes, increased sanctions for positive tests, fairness and due process including an appeal option for PRO LEI TAI athletes and the administration of the policy by an independent third-party organization.

    Our goal at PRO LEI TAI following the development and implementation of the policy, is to create a level playing field that all PRO LEI TAI athletes can trust and embrace, and as a result, help foster the short- and long-term health of all PRO LEI TAI athletes and our sport.

    This program is a central part of PRO LEI TAI’s expanded efforts to protect the health and safety of its athletes, and also to protect their right to compete on a level playing field. PRO LEI TAI’s goal is for this program to be the best anti-doping program in professional sports.